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Kit API Overview

The Kit API is used to integrate into our ordering and patient record system.


Kit uses industry standard security practices:

  • All Kit API usage requires authentication using OAuth2.
  • All Kit API traffic is safely encrypted using TLS over HTTPS using trusted certificates.


Kit's API implements the HL7 FHIR specification. FHIR is an industry standard for healthcare data exchange.

The FHIR spec is comprehensive in its support for modeling healthcare data. Information on patients, orders, operating labs, ordering physicians, individual lab results, specimen collection methods, and much more are available. All of these resources are searchable and have a full user tracked audit history.


Kit’s API supports standard web development integration using REST.

Create, read, and modify data using using standard HTTP verbs. Interpret responses with predictable status codes.


Applications can receive real-time notifications when Kit resources are processed via webhooks. Data related to a particular resource will be provided via HTTP post to the provided endpoint.